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Our pharmacists do the clinical checks of medication, they check the tasks carried out by the dispensers and counter assistants, provide pharmaceutical and health advice and carry out medicine use reviews with patients. They work to legal and ethical guidelines to ensure the correct and safe supply of medical products are provided to the general public.




Our dispensers dispense medication for patients, issue prescription requests, and deal with patient and doctor's queries. They also order stock for prescriptions to make sure we have all patient's medication ready on time. Our dispensers work as part of the team to manage the stock levels.


Pharmacy Manager



Beatriz is our Pharmacy manager who has over 10 years of experience. She oversees the pharmacy team.

Counter Assistants


Our counter assistant makes sure the running of the pharmacy goes smoothly. They will hand out prescriptions, put away medication, process transactions,  order receive and manage stock and maintain a professional appearance of the pharmacy. 

Delivery Driver

Clive and Bob

Ensures deliveries to both pharmacy and dispensary patients to their home addresses as well as providing the service to four local care homes. The delivery service is available throughout the practice area and they travel to all villages from Whichford in the North, Fulwell in the South, Foscot to the West and Enstone in the East as well as serving a growing group of patients in Chipping Norton Town.

Within our pharmacy we all work together as part of a team and ensure that we provide a excellent customer service to our customers. 
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